No narcissism, but I have often been asked for photos in which I can be seen. There are truly not many of them. On most trips, for example, I never or almost never made any.

First we had a wave of people making selfies While looking directly into the camera and filling almost the hole frame. Hard to see the background. Almost everyone dominated every picture and the Eiffel Tower in the back was almost invisible. Next everyone jumped in the picture. Millions of pictures of people jumping alone and in groups. Today, those pictures are mostly deleted, and some people seems to feel shame that they ever made it. Now everyone pictures himself from the back. Well, at least now we can see the motive itself and not people with artificial and posed smile. It seems to me, like most only people fallow trends. Doing what others excepted them to do. Try to find a travel blog without the protagonists photographed from behind. Crazy to see the travelers spending hours for artificial looking pictures just to compete with the masses. Photos are edited for hours, all kinds of clothes are changed and everything just to show an image of oneself that does not correspond to reality but to a cliché or an exaggerated expectation. You often see bored or bad-tempered travelers who suddenly put on the greatest smile and pose for selfies. Only to fall back after the photo. I wait for the time, people fallow so-called influencers and having underpaints on the head. 99,9% of all my pictures showing the motive itself. I had to dig very deep to find a few with myself.

Vintage computing


During my travels extremely few photos were taken of me and even less often I took a selfie. I am/was way more interested in capturing everything else. Here are some of the very few showing me and some others I added randomly.

A very special place

In South Amrica I drove many times above 5,000m and travelled above 4,000m around for weeks. But once it was possible for me to dive up to 5,752m (18,871 feet) on Cerro Uturuncu in Bolivia by myself. All pictures are from this mountain or the surroundings.


Private / My girlfriend

We met on a flight from London to Santiago de Chile in 2018. One of the advantages of the British Airways forwards-backwards cabin layout is, that you can see each other with the divider down. So, we sat across from each other.
She is from London UK, and we talked a lot. After landing I was surprised that she was born in Germany. She spent just a few days in Chile, and I was driving further south on the Carretera Austral. After a few days we wanted to meet and travel together. I crossed the border to Argentina and drove to Bariloche. She took a flight Bariloche and so it started. We travelled together further south and back to Chile all the way down to Villa O'Higgins. The Carretera Austral is fantastic. I drove this road in 2003 and it was an adventure. Sadly, it is now partly a paved road and much of the charm is gone. After 3 weeks together I drove her to Esquel in Argentina, and she flew back to Buenos Aires and from there back home to London. My journey continued a few weeks with many high pass border crossings between Argentina and Chile including to Easter Island and Paraguay. We became a couple. I fly to her in London, she flies to me in Germany, and we travel together.


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